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We will be your reliable partners for your projects by offering you turnkey services. You don't have to worry about anything, we take care of everything from start to finish.

 Our different services: 



No minimum quantity


10+ years experience


300+ certified suppliers


Production in Europe


Personal assistance

The team

"Our project is the result of a professional collaboration between two experts passionate about their work. A yin-yang alliance aiming for excellence in production".

-Anna Dubovikova, Communication expert, European and US brands' consultant. AMU Master Fashion and Textile graduate with proven professional results in varies fashion segments.

"I left my career in communication to fulfill my childhood dream: working in fashion. Studying fashion management in France, at the very heart of this field, I realized that being alone in managing a fashion brand wasn't easy. It was essential to have support alongside the designer to bring their creations to life. This has become my mission today, and it feels right. I apply all the knowledge gained from working with various fashion specialists to support brands and creators."

-Siya Didenko, Production expert with the path from fashion designer to CEO of production service, uniting more than 40 European factories.

"I've experienced all challenges the designer have through production stages, and met various solutions from all sort of fashion companies. Gathered unique practice, I reinvented fashion production interconnections for more effective results for designers and fashion brands. I love to make a difference for brands to see the growth, which became my mission in ADP."

​Our commitments: create new working practices in the production of ready-to-wear while respecting the environment in order to produce in a more reasonable manner and address the ecological challenges of the industry. For these reasons we suggest you produce in small quantities sustainably and in Europe.


Our values: respect each member of our teams, our suppliers and partners in order to deliver quality work for our customers and the planet.

They trust us


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